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Edelweiss: November 1998

Two experienced woodsmen had gone out to survey a large piece of property, but had not returned as scheduled in the evening. Alerted at 6 a.m. by SAR Global 1 (a Wakefield volunteer SAR team), OVSARDA deployed two search dog teams to the scene.

Both teams were initially assigned to do a hasty search/sign cut from the victims' parked car. Approximately 30 minutes after starting the task, one dog indicated a track that her handler pursued. After a few minutes of tracking, the dog lifted her head and ran off into the bushes, returning a few moments later and alerting. The handler established voice contact with the victims and met up with them shortly thereafter.

The men were in good condition, and a bit embarrassed by all the attention. They had been caught be darkness in the woods and had elected to spend the night rather than wander around blindly, and were on their way out when located by the dog.