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Lac Demi-Lune: September 2002

On Saturday, August 31st, two men swam across Lac Demi Lune near Wakefield, Quebec. On the return swim, they got in trouble and were seen by nearby cottagers as they splashed about and sank beneath the surface. On request from MRC des Collines Police Dept and SAR Global 1, OVSARDA deployed two search dog teams and two boat drivers to conduct a water search for the missing men. The dog teams worked for several hours on August 31st, then returned early on September 1st.

The dogs indicated scent in an area approximately 75m off-shore. Divers from the Surete de Quebec Police located the first body within 8' of the dogs' indications, within minutes of beginning the search. The second body was found approximately 25' away from the first, 2 hours later. Both bodies were in over 40' of water.